How Much Does A 4l60e Weigh?

4l60e Transmission - CPT4l60e

While its size may contribute to its shortcoming it comes to holding high horsepower or torque, one of the benefits of a 4L60E transmission is the fact that it is fairly lightweight and compact compare to more heavy duty transmissions.

A completely dry (no transmission fluid) 4l60e weighs about 135 pounds without a torque converter or transfer case (if 4 wheel drive).  Since the 4l60e takes about 12 quarts to fill to appropriate levels, a completely full 4l60e will weigh in the 160 pound range.

This ~160 pound range is does not take into account other factors that increase weight such as a torque converter or transfer case in 4wd applications.   With these other key parts added into the equation, it’s easy for the 4l60e to weigh close to 300 pounds in a 100% full factory truck with attached transfer case and 11″ torque converter.

The 4l60e certainly isn’t the heaviest transmission in full size vehicles, but it’s definitely no light weight.  It’s highly recommended to use the correct tools such as a transmission jack or transmission jack adaptor and have a buddy help to prevent getting hurt.

How Much Dose A 4l60e Weigh With Torque Converter?

4l60e Torque Converter - CPT 4l60e

With the 4l60e weighing 135 pounds on its own without fluid, the added ~45 pounds of a factory 11″ torque converter will bring the estimated weight of a 4l60e with converter installed to about 180 pounds without fluid.  With fluid in the torque converter, this number will go up.  When installing a torque converter it’s best to have at least a quart of fluid in it prior to start up to help get fluid moving through the pump and transmission quicker.

If you’re running an aftermarket converter in your 4l60e, then the weight will be anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds less depending on if it’s a 10″ or 9.5″ converter.

How Much Does A 4l60e Weight With Transfer Case?

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission - CPT 4l60e

Since the transfer case in  4 wheel drive trucks and SUV’s that are equipped with a 4L60e weigh between 80 and 90 pounds dry, a  4L60E with a transfer case weighs anywhere from  215 – 225 pounds without fluid and torque converter.  If we fill both the transmission and transfer case with fluid, we can get a rough estimate that the combo will weigh around 245 pounds without a torque converter.