4l60e transmission fluid flow diagram - CPT 4l60e

4l60e Transmission Cooler Line Flow

When it comes to understanding the transmission cooling system of your GM car, truck or SUV, it’s always important to know which transmission lines are the send (hot fluid) and …

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4l60e Shift Solenoids - CPT 4l60e

4l60e Shift Solenoid Guide

When your 4l60e starts to act up and not shift correctly, one very likely culprit is the shift solenoids.  There are 2 shift solenoids in a 4l60e (1-2 and 2-3), …

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4l60e Corvette Servo - CPT 4l60e

4l60e Corvette Servo Guide

Tired of your 4l60e’s lazy shifting?  Looking for an inexpensive way to improve your stock transmission’s performance? If so, installing a Corvette servo in your 4l60e is a great option. …

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