4l60e Corvette Servo Guide

4l60e Corvette Servo - CPT 4l60e

Tired of your 4l60e’s lazy shifting?  Looking for an inexpensive way to improve your stock transmission’s performance? If so, installing a Corvette servo in your 4l60e is a great option. A corvette servo upgrade is one of, if not the best bang for your buck modification you could make to your 4l60e. 

4l60e Servo Advantages – What Does A Corvette Servo Do? Why Put A Corvette Servo In A 4l60e?

The corvette servo will give your 4l60e 50% more apply pressure, meaning it will allow for a much firmer shift.  This helps prevent the transmission from slipping under heavy load, such as racing or towing, and is highly recommended for any high performance application.

The servo upgrade will be quite noticeable with faster 1-2 and the notorious 2-3 shift, especially at full throttle which is known problem area for the 4l60e. 

Corvette Servo Vs Stock Servo vs Billet

When comparing the corvette servo, the factory servo, and billet servo, the biggest difference is the  apply area. For example, the standard v6/v8 4l60e servo has a .55 apply area where as the corvette servo’s apply area is .74, and a Sonnax Super Hold servo has an apply area of .87.  The image below shows the apply area sizes for all 4l60e servo. 

4l60e servo comparison - CPT 4l60e

4l60e Corvette Servo Installation 

When installing your new corvette servo, it can be a little tricky the first time, but don’t let that deter you.  The tools you’ll need include:
  • Hammer
  • Channel locks
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Pick
The first thing to do when removing the factory servo is to pry the retaining clip out. This is easily done with your flat head screw driver and by getting at the clip from the bottom. 

4l60e servo removal - CPT 4l60e


Next , with the clip removed, take your channel locks and start wiggling the servo assembly lose.  It may seem stuck at first due to the o-ring, so keep twisting and pulling. 

servo removal - CPT 4l60e

Once it’s out, you simply do the reverse to install the new corvette servo.  The video below does a good job at demonstrating the install process in addition to general information regarding the corvette servo compared to a stock truck servo.

4l60e Corvette Servo FAQ's

Yes, installation of a corvette servo in your stock 4l60e is definitely a worthwhile upgrade for the cost.  The corvette servo will help improve the firmness of the shifts, especially the 2-3. This allows the shift to happen quicker which will reduce slip inside the transmission.

A corvette servo upgrade is a good idea for any type of towing.  Since towing puts added stress on a transmission which will increase the fluid temperature, it is smart to make whatever upgrades you can to allow the transmission to shift as best as possible. 

A corvette servo can be installed without dropping the transmission out of the vehicle.  It may be a tight fit in some cars, but it is quite doable in almost every scenario. 

As stated previously, the purpose of the corvette servo is to help improve how the transmission shifts. This is done to reduce any possible slipping by having a more firm feeling shift.

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